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To You, From Keddy & Associates. *With Love*

When your company needs a website that is reliable and efficient, yet sleek and responsive, you can trust Keddy & Associates to manage every aspect of your company's web design needs. We host your website on our own server, so your website is always in good hands. We pride ourselves on our satisfaction guarantee, and we take our customer's needs very seriously. We've broken down a few key points about how we will manage your next website project below:

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By hosting your website on our servers, our expert staff can manage your website efficiently and with some of the fastest response times in the industry. Customer Serivce is our top concern, and by signing with Keddy & Associates, you have an expert web design partner in your corner!

Every website starts out as a basic web template, but we will program it to meet the needs of your business. We believe in total integration, and enabling your company to use your website to connect all of your systems is now within reach!

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Our staff have extensive experience and backgrounds in business, marketing, web design, computer programming and more. You get our entire team working for you with any of our packages. Where you have questions, we have answers.

We will only charge you for the features and functionality your company needs. Why pay for something you're never going to use? We couldn't agree more. Visit our Pricing page to learn more about the specific pricing options that you can choose to enhance your website project and take it to the next level!

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No Cost

When we sign with your company or project, we agree to a price and services to be provided. Any quality web design company should be able to accurately quote their services, and we believe this is a core value of Customer Service. If we have underquoted you, we cover the difference!

Our team is carefully curated to provide you with only the best and brightest industry professionals. Each member of the team working on your website has already successfully delivered on projects similar to yours and has a proven track record of performance.

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