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Chris Holowatyj

 Owner/Designer   Keddy & Associates

Chris Holowatyj is an experienced Brand Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of success working in the restaurant industry. He is also skilled in Web Design, Advertising, Adobe CS, SMM and SEO. Chris is a strong marketing professional with proven experience in building brands and developing exceptional customer experiences.

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Do I Really Need a Website for my Business? An Analysis of Business Websites & Online Credibility

I just finished an amazing and productive lunch meeting with a prospective client whose work focuses on supporting start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses in the Simcoe County area, and the conversation really drew my attention towards how many new businesses and start-ups are really missing out by not having a website of their own. It would be hard for me to provide an unbiased assessment of whether or not a business needs a website, however, I would suggest to anyone that in this day and age, remaining competitive absolutely requires a website. Without question.

If you're on the fence as to whether or not to proceed with creating a website for your business, then at least consider these 9 reasons why your business is missing out by not having one.

Inevitably, the first task of creating a website for your business is securing a web domain. Many new business owners are often surprised when the "perfect" web domain for their business is already taken. Choosing a web domain is important because it summarizes your brand online with its name and it needs to be simple, succinct and memorable. If your business is "QuickClean Vacuums", and "" & "" are both taken then you, unfortunately, have to settle for a lesser-ideal domain name. If you don't need a website right now (maybe you don't have the skill to create one neither the funds to hire a web developer, or your business is still very early stages) it is still worth…

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