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Chris Holowatyj is an experienced Brand Marketing Strategist with a demonstrated history of success working in the restaurant industry. He is also skilled in Web Design, Advertising, Adobe CS, SMM and SEO. Chris is a strong marketing professional with proven experience in building brands and developing exceptional customer experiences.

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Business Success in Bradford West Gwillimbury

  Chris Holowatyj      April 18, 2018


With over 2,000 self-employed businesses in Bradford West Gwillimbury and growing (see Data Report: Bradford West Gwillimbury, January 2018), it is no surprise to us that there are plenty of small businesses in Bradford that need a stunning website. While many of these businesses already have their website development needs taken care of (by way of franchise agreements, MLM business plans, etc) there is still a large number of self-owned companies in Bradford that must make the hard decisions about their own marketing entirely on their own - website included.

This is one of the many reasons we love the live, work, play atmosphere in Bradford. But, taking the next step in your business and paying someone else to design a website for you is no small task either. By doing so, you're putting your business success on the line by committing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to a gamble on someone else's skills; hoping that you have chosen right and that the website designer you chose delivers on the results they promised.

Bradford, like many other small towns in Ontario, has a unique blend of businesses, cultures, and residential demographics that shape the way that businesses succeed or fail. As our town grows, so too does the average income per household and average price per home in Bradford, which means that the average affluence of our town's residents steadily grows. With this, we've already seen the influx of housing developemnt and large corporate retail…

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